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As a Yakima Valley farmer, businessman, and conservative Republican, Dan Newhouse gets results for Central Washington.

On the Issues

Budget & Taxes

Our country's national debt is over $19 trillion and rising. Dan Newhouse believes that reining in the national debt must be a top priority. Dan believes it is his duty to taxpayers to make sure their hard-earned tax money is used wisely and caref...

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Our country must honor it's promises to our senior citizens. When Washingtonians retire, they should be able to do so with peace of mind. Dan Newhouse believes it is our duty to preserve Medicare and Social Security for current and future generati...

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America is a nation of immigrants, but it must also be a nation of rule of law. Dan Newhouse knows that our immigration system is broken, and he is committed to fixing it.  Many of our existing immigration laws need fixing, but law enforcement mus...

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The Hanford nuclear site played an important part in ending WWII and winning the Cold War. However, the issue of cleanup of the Hanford Site has long concerned Central Washington. Dan Newhouse understands the gravity of cleaning up the nuclear sit...

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Dan Newhouse understands the importance of agriculture for families, jobs, and trade in Central Washington.  As a farmer, Newhouse considers himself a conservationist.  He has a great deal of respect and appreciation for the environment, with inte...

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Dan Newhouse believes we have an obligation to serve those who dedicated their lives to protecting our nation and our freedoms. Failing care at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are unacceptable. Dan supports reforming the VA and holding its...

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Dan Newhouse is a strong conservative who understands that Washington, D.C. doesn't always know best when it comes to management of local lands. Dan will fight for us.

Representative Joel Kretz

Dan Newhouse for Congress